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Welcome to my kitchen!

My kitchen is my happy place. It's basically my food lab and I love I exploring new ingredient combinations and culinary short-cuts every day. I can't seem to get enough and I never lose my desire to get in there and start cookin'. In fact, my favorite phrase might be "Mom, I'm hungry". Even when I don't think I'm trying, I catch myself striving to serve the "best thing ever". I put passion into every dish I make - from my boys' breakfasts before school, to our bagged lunches, to dinners and desserts for family and friends. Nothing makes me happier than recipe testing knowing I'm about to feed the people I care about. I love connecting with people too - it's the best part of this job. It doesn't matter if you're a passionate foodie or someone looking for the quickest way to get dinner on the table - it's fun to hear stories about what works, what doesn't work, what you gave to the dog, what you finally got your kids to eat, what you'll be making more often, and more. In the end, we all want the kitchen to be that happy place, right? Enjoy the recipes and tips on these pages - I hope to make your cooking experiences easier, quicker and a lot more fun! 

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Real Life Cooking on Craftsy/Bluprint


It's called REAL LIFE for a reason! My friend Katie and I tackle everyday food and cooking dilemmas while having a lot of fun in the kitchen. Have a package of chicken and need inspiration? We've got you covered. Same with a pound of ground beef. We also dish up delicious recipes for baking, slow cookers, leftovers, and more! 

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Recipes and videos for every desire! Got a bake sale coming up? No problem, you'll bring the best goodies on the table. In a school lunch rut? Problem solved. Check out my recipes and tutorials for everything from soup, to homemade meal kits, working with gadgets, prepping ahead, and more!

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